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2014 Club Officers & Contact Information

President Duane Benedict dandkbenedict@gmail.com 503-397-9806
Vice-President Maurice Lower

Secretary/Tresurer Mary Ulrich mulrich@tigardumc.com 503 655-6055
Newsletter Editor
Bill Clark 68javelin@ccwebster.net 503-631-2713

The Rose City AMC Rambler Club is an active group with members from Oregon, Washington and beyond.  The club was founded to encourage and promote the preservation, restoration and collection of automobiles manufactured by the American Motors Corporation from 1958 to 1969 while the company marketed its vehicles under the Rambler marque.

The Rose City Chapter also encourages the collection, preservation and restoration of the family of American Motors Corporation vehicles from Thomas Jefferies Rambler beginning in 1902, to Nash Motors and Hudson Motors vehicles, Jeeps produced under AMC's stewardship and AMC's produced from 1954 through 1988.

In addition to the collection and preservation of vehicles, we encourage the collection and preservation of all printed records, books, advertising, magazine articles, training materials,video and radio commercials, toys, memorabilia and anything else AMC related.

The club organizes and participates in many activities:  car tours, regional and national AMC meets, car shows; including the Northwest Car Collectors Meet, our annual chapter show, the Orphan Car Council (for independent car make enthusiasts), parades, pot-lucks and much more.

Anyone with interest in any AMC related vehicle is welcome to join, car ownership is not required.

The club meets on the second Saturday each month at 1:00 PM.  Check the events page for the location of the meeting. For additional information conact Duane Benedict at 503-397-9806 or email him at dandkbenedict@gmail.com.

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