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Well, the 2007 AMCRC National has come and gone, but the memories will live on.  First, we want to thank the Hoosier AMCRC Chapter for putting on a great show.  The host hotel was great, the show field was terrific, and the banquet was quite a lot of fun.  They really know how to put on a party in Hoosier land. To see select pictures from the 2007 AMCRC National Convention, click here.  These pictures are provided courtesy of Phil McCrory who many in attendance had the pleasure to meet.  It seems like Phil was in 6 places at once, whenever there was a photo opportunity, there he was.  Thanks Phil!

We really need to pick up this story from the beginning. Upon arrival at the Garrett Indiana Holiday Inn Express (the host hotel) on Thursday afternoon we were surprised at see 40 or more AMC's in the parking lot, with another 20 or so in the flow over lot.  Yup, this was shaping up to be a great show.   The weather upon arrival was clear and fair, low humidity, with temps in the low 80's, and this very great weather continued through out the remainder of the Nationals Show week, with the exception of some nasty looking clouds on show day. Thursday most hung around the Holiday Inn until it was time to cruise to the center of town that evening.

At  6:00 PM sharp, AMC's and Ramblers of all shapes, sizes, and colors lined up to head out to cruise night.  The cruise brought us down the main street into the center of town, giving us a chance to get a "thumbs up" from the pedestrians along the cruise route.  The route was about 3 miles to the center of town, where we found the towns cruise night just getting started.  The Hoosier AMC Club made sure every AMC in attendance had a place to park so they could be seen by the crowds.  The cruise was great and even included a live broadcast from a local radio station, Froggy 95.9, some great restaurants to dine in, and a really nice town green.  Frank Wrenick, AMCRC founding father was also in attendancee for the cruise, and the remainder of the weekend.

Friday was a busy day, with lots of options to provide entertainment to any lucky AMC owner.   The Hoosier club organized events included
Vendors open from 9 am – 3 pm at American Legion on the Show Field, the Marlin Regional Show from 10 am – 3 pm at American Legion on the Show Field, and a DeBrand Fine Chocolates Factory formal guided tour. The club also provided maps and discount coupons in our goodie bags for the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum, the National Automotive and Truck Museum of the United States located in Auburn, the Kruse Auto and Carriage House which also included admission to the WW II Victory Museum, the Hoosier Air Museum and finally the Garrett Historic Railroad museum.  Lots to do in the area, and we couldn't forget the AMCRC membership meeting at 5:00 back at the host hotel.  WOW, and Whew!

Show day found us on the American Legion field to display our cars, and peer judge the others in attendance.  Well, that was the day for some.  Our president and leader found his car wanted to start, all the time, even when it was running.  So in addition to getting to see the cars and speak with the club members, he had to make time to change a few parts in his starting system.  But he wasn't alone, the Hoosier guys were great with help diagnosing the problem, providing the needed parts, even delivering jack stands, a hydraulic jack and the needed parts to the show field.  Talk about service!  And these same guys had rescued 3 or 4 other AMC owners before the day of the show. Once the car was up in the air, AMCRC Members from CT (Brian Yacino), RI (Carl Piscotto, look real hard under the car in the photo above) and WA (Rick Berry) took turns working on the sick Rambler Classic.  But not to worry, with three Rambler experts the car was repaired and on the ground in no time.

Friday evening found everyone back at the American Legion Hall for the awards ceremony.  The food was great, and Debbie and Joe did a super job hosting the nights activities. I think everyone enjoyed the presentation by Norbert Vance, son of AMC’s Manager of Engineering Body development, Stu Vance. His recollections were very personal, interesting, and easy to relate to. We could almost imagine being a kid growing up with an AMC executive dad.  In addition to AMCRC founding father Frank Wrenick, Darryl Salisbury (AMO President) was also in attendance at the show with wife Wendy and their beautiful Jeffords AMX.  Darryl and Brian were seen chatting, who knows, maybe a joint AMCRC / AMO National show is in our future.  Wouldn't that be great for the AMC hobbyist?

To see select pictures from the 2007 AMCRC National Convention, click here.