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These pictures courtesy of Marc Montoni, Thanks Marc!

"Tim and Serri Cusa - 68 American"

"Judy Emerson - 69 AMX"

"Blaine Hertzog 71 Hornet SC360"

"Edrie Marquez's Pacer"

"Ross Mcleod and his 68 Javelin"

"Liz & Christine Petridis 56 Hudson Super Wasp"

"Glenn Romano and his AMX"

"John Vopel and his AMC Eagle"

"Wilson and Clair Young's and thier 5 cars"

"Ramsey Davis 69 Rebel"

"Joe Flannery and son and thier AMC Eagle"

"George Kotch and 72 Hornet"

"Registration table and showfield"

"Bill Meltzer's AMC Eagle"

"Vender John Ramos and his Modified American"

"Mikel Smithson and his 72 Gremlin"

"Vender John Vopel and parts"

"Richard Cascalenda and his 63 Ambassador 990"

"Ron Doviak and his 73 Ambassador"

"Alman Harrington and his 54 'Car 54' Metropolitian "

"Vender Edrie Marquez"

"Leo McGann and his 59 Classic Custom"

"Art Petridis and his 49 Hudson Brougham"

"David and Maryann Richards and thier 73 Javelin"

"63 Classic 770 owened by Peter Stathes"

"Frank Weisberg and his 65 Classic "

"Brad Denning and his 74 Matador Coupe"

"Howard Gruber and his 62 American"

"Frank Leon and his 68 AMX"

"Venders Edrie Marquez(l) and Partic Foster(c)"

"Tim Otto and his 63 Classic"

"Registration Table "