Milton just purchased a 1983 AMC Eagle Wagon to add to his AMC family, which now includes a 1959 Rambler American which is going through a restoration and a 1982 AMC Spirit, (see above). His Eagle is a one owner car with only 32,000 miles on it. Apparently it sat for a number of years, and when it arrived, it was filthy! It took six hours just to clean it  before he could polish it up. A new set of tires, a headliner, and a few other maintenance items and it was on the road. He took it on a road trip shortly after cleaning her up and she handled beautifully. Milton was fueling up his Spirit the other day, and a guy at the gas station said, "Wow, an AMC. You know I never see one, and just the other day I saw an Eagle." Milton answered  "That was mine, too." Milton always wanted a wagon, and I almost  bought a new car, but when he saw Endora, which he named the Eagle, he just had to have her. He knew under all that dirt was a beautiful car. What he does need are new hubcaps if anyone knows of a good set. Milton can be reached via email: Milton Stern.  To return to compacts, click here.
1983 AMC Eagle
Eagle and Sprit