1961 Rambler Classic wagon.
  Six cylinder / 3sp / OD.  Seats & carpet are in good condition.  The hood had been repainted years ago and is close to the original color.  I can email extra pictures if interested.  Miles: 72,600.  The car is in good shape and has been garaged as long as I have owned it (6-8 years).  The speedometer sticks sometimes at 30 miles per hour and when I tap on the dash it works fine.  There is a small drip from the brake cylinder & the radiator leaked in past (and shows signs of leaking), but is not leaking now.  I am making room in my shop for other projects, and this car has sat for years and has been driven only occasionally since I purchased it.  I put tires on the car when I bought it and they are still good.  I drove it to Branson and back with no problems.  Located in Borger, TX (45 miles from Amarillo)  
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1961 Rambler Classic wagon right
1961 Rambler Classic wagon left
1961 Rambler Classic wagon gauge
1961 Rambler Classic wagon engine