1964 Rambler Ambassador 990  4dr. All original with 84,033 miles.  This car is in immaculate shape!  It has a 327 V8 engine with an automatic transmission.  Everything works.  It has an AM radio and heater.  All of the doors / trunk / hood close up tight.  The paint is in really good shape for its age.  There are a few little surface rust spots here and there that are about the size of a pencil eraser or smaller.  For some reason, the gas cap is rusty.  I'm not sure why that is, when nothing else is.  The car has the original hub caps with another set that comes with it from another Rambler model.  All of the chrome and trim pieces are intact and look great.  The inside of the car is in excellent shape as well.  The upholstery is not cracked or torn.  The headliner is still as it should be.  The only problem with the interior is the dash has one crack in it from the sun and the front passenger arm rest is slightly mis-shaped from the sun as well.  Mechanically the car is in great shape to the best of my knowledge.  The paint is very slightly lighter on the front passenger door compared to the rest of the car.  I'm not sure if it was repainted at one point.  The starter was just rebuilt and put back in the car.  It has new spark plugs and a new battery.  The only issue I know of is the inside of the gas tank has started to form rust.  The gas tank is not falling apart or leaking or anything like that, but the surface rust from the tank causes the fuel filter to need to be changed about every month or so.  The tank just needs to be taken out and cleaned out.  There is a sealer that can be purchased for tanks like this that keeps it from rusting again after the rust is initially cleaned out.  For now, I have just installed an additional inline filter until I had the time to reseal the tank.  This car was purchased locally when it was new.  I believe I am the 4th owner.  I have the original registration paperwork and the original owner's manual.  Please feel free to contact me for more information or more pictures.  I know the car has been garage kept for at least the past 19 years.   I'm looking to get $5000, but please don't hesitate to make me an offer.  This car is located in northeast KS Kansas City

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1964 Rambler Ambassador