4 Seasons Rambler Club
  Cruise & Movie for 2008
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Friday cruise, lining up to go to Roms for dinner and ice cream.

Gary & Karen looking forward to ice cream.

Picnic parking for Rambler's, AMC's, Hudson's and Nash's only!

Hey Jay, nice shorts.

Enjoying a paddle on the lake.

Enjoying sundaes.

The ice cream is this way!

We left the Rambler home, but did bring the seats.

Lots of places to picnic.

You said you were getting the "small" sundae!

Grandpa and Grandson enjoying movie snacks

This years outdoor movie was Man With The Golden Gun, featuring AMC cars. In this scene James Bond is in pursuit of a Matador Coupe in his borrowed Hornet X.

2nd feature was Dennis Gage's visit to Kenosha for the Rambler Centennial.

Rodney and Shirley enjoying the nights events.