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A Very Rambler Christmas 2009

Don't get a shirt or tie for that Rambler fan in your life, instead get them something they will really enjoy, an AMC / Rambler item.  Presented here for your shopping pleasure, is a list of some great AMC Rambler gifts for that Rambler fan in your life.  Browse on through, and order up a gift that will really be appreciated!  All vendors listed have been used in the past by AMCRC, or are AMCRC supplied items, so order with confidence!

AMCRC AMC Logo Night Light

Impress your friends with an AMC Logo night light.  This hand made night light features real stained glass and lead insert. Light bulb is included. If you need a night light, don't you really want AMC?  Sorry, due to the cost of international shipping, we can only offer this item to residents of the US and Canada. To order, click here.

AMCRC gift Membership

Give the gift that will keep giving all of 2010, an AMC Rambler Club gift membership. We'll send out a special AMC Rambler holiday card along with all the other AMCRC goodies. New AMCRC members get a special Start-Up Packet, which includes a list of club services,  Production Information telling how many AMCs were produced during the years 1958-1969, and AMCRC window decal.   Though out the rest of the year that special someone will enjoy Four issues of the Rambler Reader, our quarterly publication of about 40 pages, filled with news, tech tips, member stories, letters, material reproduced from original AMC literature in our library, and more.  For more details about our Rambler Reader click here. Four issues of our Ad Release, with hundreds of ads for all kinds of AMC things for sale and wanted to buy. This includes cars and parts, services, literature, and much more. And finally a copy of our annual Parts Source Guide with sources for everything from air conditioning/freon substitutes to vacuum wiper repair.  To order click here, please specify "gift" in the "Parts - For Sale / Wanted" box.

AMCRC AMC and Auto Related Wine Charms

AMCRC has created great hand crafted wine charms. Next time you have freinds over, impress them with your hand made wine
charms. These come in five sets,  American Motors set consiting of AMC, AMX, Rambler R and AM,
The Rambler set consisting of Rambler Rs, the Road Sign set, and the Car set. Members price $15.00, non members price $16.00. Sorry, due to the cost of international shipping we can only offer this item to residents of the US and Canada.
To order, click here.

Rambler and AMC Toys from AMCRC
AMCRC has aquired a limited number of Rambler and AMC related toys.  We have a limited number of Coca-Cola Metropolitians that were available exclusively at Coca-Cola World in Las Vegas in 1999.  When these Coke Mets are sold, that's it. Due to the limited availability of the Coke Mets only one per customer. AMCRC has also aquired beautifully crafted 1:87th H.O. scale Metopolitans manufactured by Widea.  Cars come in a nice plastic flip front display case that can be stacked/locked for display.  These models are about 1 1/2" long and will be offered as a collector series, with new models being added to the AMCRC club store as older models sell out. To order, click here.

All AMC and Rambler Calendar from AMCRC
Twelve months of full color original restored American Motors Corporation (AMC) automobile of the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's. Each page of this limited edition calendar is printed on high quality paper stock and then varnished for a great glossy finish. Featuring 22 cars belonging to AMCRC members.  To order, click here.

Rambler Guides from AMCRC
Rambler Guides are a one-stop, 34-page, full-color handbook to help tell you all of the little facts that you wanted to know about your Rambler! Available for individual years from 1960 to 1970 and Marlin 1965-1967.  These guides cover all models for each year, and are packed with information, and contain color illustrations for paint and other items. Only $12.00 for members, $14.00 for non-members of AMCRC. To order, click here.

AMC Design Commeremortive Print.   This is your chance to own a piece of Design History encompassing all the significant cars of American Motors.  42 AMC vehicals from the 50's - 80's are included in the print. Limited to 500 prints, with each numbered and hand signed by Vincent J. Geraci.   For more info, or to order click here.

Rambler and AMC Neon Wall Clocks from Xtrem Images
Neon Lighted Super Size 17 Inch Clock with Red Neon Color for $79.99 including shipping. New "Super Size" 17 Inch Neon Clock with Chrome Acrylic Frame and Surrounding Under Glass Red Tube Neon. Constructed from Strong Durable Chrome Finished Acrylic with Glass Front Cover. Internal Sign Faces are Screened Printed on Metal Plates for Lifetime Durability. Perfect to Light Up Your Den, Game Room, Garage or Just Display in a Special Place in your Home. Clock runs off a AA Battery. and Neon runs off 110v current.  Click here to order.


Dealer Signs from Eddie Stakes
These signs are light weight material, long lasting, and easily hung using double stick tape. I use them displayed next to my personal show cars at meets, and you should see the people gather, they are really GREAT crowd attractors. You can easily hang them in your garage, office, dorm, game room, anyplace you want instant attention. Signs average about $40.00 and $15.00 for shipping and handling.  Click here to order.

Rambler and AMC Fender Protectors from Ohio AMC
Here's something I own myself and use all the time.  It's an AMC Dealer Replica fender protector. Great to use when your working on that special AMC to protect the fender from chips and scrapes, or display it with your car at a show. From Ohio AMC, a Chapter of the AMC Rambler Club! To order, click here.

 AMC and Rambler Books from Olde Milford Press
A few years ago Patrick Foster was kind enough to compile a list of all know (by him) Nash, Hudson, Rambler and AMC related books. For years Pat has collected AMC-related books and has accumulated a substantial library. As an aid to others in the hobby who may share an interest in books, he compiled a list of AMC-related books, both in print and out. AMC hobbyists interested in reading more about their cars and the companies that built them will find useful information in these books.  Here's the list. When you find something you like, hop over to the Olde Milford Press where you will find the in print as well as out of print titles.  Olde Milford Press.

American Motors Umbrella from Ohio AMC
Most car guys like to go to shows.  And the more shows you go to the better the odds you will get caught in the rain.  Heck, it happens to everyone eventually.  And when you finally get caught in the rain at a show, an umbrella is pretty handy. And if that umbrella just happens to be Red, White and Blue and carry the American Motors Logo, well better yet.  From Ohio AMC for $24.50. To order, click here.

American Motors Reproduction Posters from Eddie Stakes
AMX Dealership Issue Racing Posters; A LIMITED RUN of these are now available. The 'common' Poster is The AMX At Monte Carlo. But the rare AMX at Elkhart Lake and Nurburgring were ONLY available thru your friendly American Motors dealership; and ONLY SOLD AS A SET OF THREE. You also could mail in your order to AMC or buy the set of three at a dealership over 30+ years ago! These posters first appeared for sale in mid 1968. The original type of paper of 65lb cover opaque glacier was used, then digitally enhancing it, the posters were masterfully reproduced to show the stunning details and colors, including original cut lines. The posters are as original, 18 inches X 23 inches. Suitable for framing in AMC fans office, garage, gameroom, warehouse, or better yet, with their classic AMC car display at car shows it will truly be a conversation piece. $10.00 each  + $5.00 Shipping in US. Contact Planet Houston for Canada & Overseas.  Click here to order.

1968-69 AMX 1981 AMC Dealership Poster; In 1981 AMC released this rare Peter Max in very limited numbers. 15 1/2" X 24 1/2" in size, you could only get them thru your friendly AMC dealership. A really nice poster that is not only ultra rare, but extremely colorful to boot. Frame it and hang it in your office, garage, warehouse, dorm, or display it with your classic AMX at car shows and cruise nights. $10.00 + $5.00 shipping in the US; Canada and overseas is slightly higher. 
Click here to order.