1971 AMC Ambassador SST 4dr.   360 V8 w/ factory 4bbl ("P" Code) / AT.  This literally was a little old lady car - I bought it from the estate.  Just under 71,000 miles on the odometer, stack of paperwork comes with the car.  My references show this should have the 291C 52CC heads (1971 and factory 4 bbl) but I have not removed a valve cover to check casting numbers.  This car starts right up and drives - stops on a dime (the lady had recent work done in preparation for her driver test just prior to passing away).  Drive train alone is worth my asking price.  A few dents / scuffs / scratches and minor rust in the usual places for an AMC and a little old lady car.  Clear Nevada title in my name - I bought it for the drive train but have gone another route for the project it was going into, so offered here whole.  Would make a great first car (safe with lots of good old American steel to surround and protect your first time driver) or great restoration start or parts donor for your project.  Reasonable free storage (up to 30 days) once paid in full, and then $10 daily charge for storage - plenty of time to arrange pick-up or shipping. I require 24 hours’ notice from your shipper to coordinate my schedule so I can be here for vehicle pick-up / shipping.  I will assist you / your shipper to ensure a smooth pick-up / shipment.  Once paid in full, title will be signed over along with a bill of sale, then presented in person when vehicle is picked-up by you or your shipper.  $1800 obo.  AMCRC Member Michael Lakin, 2615 Sorensen Rd, Fallon, NV. 89406.  775-427-2695 or amcowner@cccomm.net  To return to the sales page click here.
1971 AMC Ambassador SST 4dr Front
1971 AMC Ambassador SST 4dr Rear
1971 AMC Ambassador SST 4dr Int
1971 AMC Ambassador SST 4dr 70,000
1971 AMC Ambassador SST 4dr Sokid Trunk